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Let's delve into MXT together, where cryptocurrency meets real-world assets!
MXT is a cryptocurrency token created by MetafinX and Total Group. Its value is directly linked to the performance of various shares on the open market. The funds obtained from MXT are utilized to acquire additional shares through open market transactions, providing the basis for the token's value, supported by the held shares and Total Group's backing.
This strategy ensures the stability of MXT, establishing a solid foundation unlike traditional markets. MXT's economic impact extends to both traditional and digitalized crypto markets. Importantly, the future value of MXT is not confined to its current state; it holds potential beyond expectations.
MXT aspires to achieve widespread global adoption, attracting not only cryptocurrency enthusiasts but also traditional market participants. The ultimate vision for MXT is to transcend current boundaries and become a global force.
Cryptocurrency backed by Real-World Asset (RWA)
Total Group
Well-regulated professional firm in Malaysia with an annual declared profit exceeding 100 million Ringgit.
Physical Stocks
Funds from MXT are used to acquire physical Stocks from public listed companies in Bursa Malaysia. The value of MXT is directly linked to the real-world asset of these stocks.
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  • 60% Staking Reward
  • Staking Period 160 Days
  • 70% Staking Reward
  • Staking Period 360 Days
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